Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Beginner's Burly List!

My instructional email finally arrived. For my first class in four days time I am to take;

- A skirt or dress that you can move in comfortably

- A pair of flats (ballet pumps or trainers are fine)

- A pair of heels

- Any additional monies for drinks from the bar

So, nothing too daunting. I've opted to to take a sturdy yet sky-high pair of bronze glittery shoes as my high heels, if all I take from this class is how to walk with any kind of grace in such things I'll be very happy! Also, good to know that the class appears to have it's own bar, the idea of some dutch courage when we begin sounds rather appealing (although lets hope that doesn't get taken too far- the idea of attempting to learn burlesque tipsy isn't worth thinking about...) The only downside with it all being so simple is that I don't have an excuse to do any glamorous burlesque shopping, but I'm sure there will be time for that later...